Port St. Lucie History

Welcome to the Port St. Lucie Historical Blog, discussing the history of the area over the last 100 years. In the following pages, you will learn about how Port Saint Lucie got started, How it had developed over the last 100 years, and where it is moving for the future. Sponsored by the accident law team at personal injury attorney Port St. Lucie, we hope you enjoy.

The Early Years Of Port Saint Lucie Florida

For the most part of history, from the beginning of Earth up until the roaring 1950’s. life was relatively quiet is this area of South Florida. Nobody wanted to live here because there were no roads, it was a lot of water and swamps, and plenty of alligators to keep people away. It wasn’t until a group of developers bough up some land it what is now called River Park that things started to change.

With the purchase of a huge portion of land, they came in and starting building, and boy did they build. Severasl thousands of acres were developed in the Port St. Lucie area. Along with homes and business’s, the first bridge was also put in, which allowed all those chevie’s a chance to finally get down to the Port St. Lucie levy.

But still, there wasn’t a whole lot going on in the city and it was a slow move upward for streets, home’s, etc. probably because of all of the swamp needed to be drained.

The Roaring 1990’s

It was in the beginning of the 1990’s that Port St. Lucie really started to takeoff. This is when St. Lucie West started to come into being. It was only to be homes at first, but developers soon realized that because Stuart, Fort Pierce, and other towns basically sucked, they saw a great opportunity to develope more and pit in thousands of homes for the old grumpy people, put in a bunch of HOA’s with a lot of rules, and put in business’s that would be the beginning of suburban sprawl and take all the money to become even bigger.

Along with all the growth came the NY mets spring training. Not sure why they moved here because all the New Yorkers are in Martin & Palm Beach County, but they did. They suck, but it’s still fun to go watch them try to play baseball.

So I hope you visit our Port St. Lucie blog more as we get more in depth about the history of this area, but as you can see already, Port St Lucie is pretty boring, and doesn’t have much.